Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lincoln is 8 months.

Finally!  Better late than never....

Lincoln at 8 months!

And Ben with some wild hair!

I thought Lincoln's 7th month had big changes....I didn't know what was coming this month!  To say he's "moving" is an understatement.  Lincoln is crawling all over the place, climbing up stairs, pulling up on everything and "starting" to cruise.  Baby proofing is at it's highest level right now.  Also, because he moves all over the place and puts everything in his mouth, I have to be very aware of where he is and what's around him at all times (which is harder than it was when Ben was a baby because I didn't have a 3 year old with little toys everywhere).  He will eat anything he finds and pull up on anything in his way.  It's fun to watch him move...I just have to be careful where and when I let him explore.  

Ben is helping a bit and says "Mommy, what's teeny tiny for him?" every time I put him down.  He does a good job of taking items away from Lincoln when he shouldn't have them....we are working on doing it in a nice way and replacing it with an appropriate toy.  We are also working on teaching Ben that Lincoln is real person and can't be pushed over and sat on.  :(

Lincoln is also babbling a bunch and does this funny blowing thing....as if he's trying to do a raspberry while he's crawling around and exploring.  I really need to get some videos up here, but I'm having trouble with my computer lately and emailing them doesn't work anymore.  Someday, I'll put a bunch up to catch up.

Still no teeth but he's eating great.  I'm trying to think of more finger foods to give him so he can explore more food textures.  He's had all kinds of purees (sweet potatoes, squash, peaches, pears, apples, peas, carrots), banana, avocado, pasta, cheerios, puffs, pancakes, cheese, oatmeal and yogurt.  I'm so happy he likes to eat.  My only fear is that he's not getting enough milk.  He nurses 4 times a day and sometimes it's only for 2-4 minutes.  He seems happy and is growing fine though.   

Lincoln is finally on a decent sleep schedule!  The only bad part is that Ben (who is no longer napping) and I are really tied to the house.  Maybe when it gets warmer out, we can bring the monitor and play outside during naps.  Lincoln is napping two times a day (about 9:30 AM and 2 PM) and the naps are getting to be decent lengths.  Then he's going to bed pretty consistently at 7 and we are having much better luck at night than we had been having...I am certainly afraid of jinxing something...so let's just leave it at that!  Once it's really consistent, I'll document it here....I know when I have another baby, I'll be looking on here for evidence of when I started to get full nights sleep again. :)

This winter has been crazy because it hasn't really ever gotten very cold.  It's the beginning of March now and tomorrow is going to be 60 degrees.  I'm looking forward to getting both boys outside more when it's consistently warmer.  With how fast Lincoln has gone from not moving to moving everywhere....I'm wondering when he will be walking!  That will make this summer even more fun. :)

Happy 8 months Lincoln!  We love you! :)

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Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Lincoln! Before we know it, you'll be turning one! It is fun to hear that you are crawling and cruising well these days. It seems like Ben is being a protective and caring older brother, too, which is great. I'm glad your mom posted some updates since we were waiting for pictures!