Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lincoln is 9 months!

I had a really hard time getting a 9 month picture of Lincoln today.  He would not sit still so I had to call back up over to help me.  On my second try, this is the best I could get!

Time flies.  I can't believe Lincoln is 3/4 of a year.  9 months seems so close to turning 1!!  We do have some new things to report this month...

- Lincoln is still moving around with ease.  He's cruising a lot and stands up with only one hand support himself (and sometimes it's not on something very stable).   In fact, he's happiest when he's standing.

- He has one tooth!  I swear, I felt it right when it popped through his gum.  He was especially fussy about a week ago so I started feeling in his mouth daily and then he popped through last Friday.  Waiting on the next shouldn't be too far behind.

- Lincoln has STARTED to wave, clap and kiss.  I would say he doesn't really do any of them on demand consistently, but he is clapping often (especially in the high chair), he waves occasionally and it's even accompanied by a little sound that actually sounds like "bye bye" (possibly a coincidence?), and he seems to focus and attack me with open mouth kisses all over my face when I'm putting him to bed at you decide if that's an actual kiss or not.  All of these things probably mean that he will be actually DOING them (by request) by 10 months. 

- I'll probably jinx it, but since I mentioned it last month, I'll update:  Lincoln has been sleeping through the night consistently!  Yea!!  We are all a lot happier getting full nights of sleep!  In fact, bedtime at our house has been rather enjoyable lately (read through the lines here that Ben is going to bed well too).  There are two smiling parents come 7:45 PM in our house!

- Lincoln continues to babble.  Previously, his babbling was rather low pitched.  Now, it's an extremely high pitched, almost sing-song.  So cute!  

- Lincoln continues to be a very good natured and happy baby.  With his good eating, good sleeping, and happy disposition....I'd have another baby now if I could guarantee they'd be as sweet as he is!  Well, I better not leave that statement there without a caveat as Nick will call me out on it and want another baby asap. :)  After a little more time to enjoy my fulls nights of sleep....I'd like another baby just like Lincoln. (and Ben...he was a sweet baby too!  We have been very blessed.)

Ok, I'm getting brave staying up to get this post out and writing about good sleeping.  I seem to have bad luck whenever I comment on something going well....I must get to bed to enjoy another day tomorrow with my boys.  Happy 9 months Linky Dink!   We love you! XOXO

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Papi said...

When I left there a couple of weeks ago, Lincoln held onto my shirt until I gave him a goodbye hug. Pretty advanced for an almost (then) nine month old. Love all of our little men!