Saturday, July 27, 2013

GA Aquarium

Last weekend, we had our first full free family weekend in GA and we decided to start with one of the main Atlanta attractions for kids: the GA Aquarium.  The boys loved it and while we were there for a few hours, we didn't see everything.....making a return visit necessary in the near future!  

The highlight of the trip was a dolphin show - similar to something you'd see at Sea World but it was indoors.  We weren't allowed to take pictures or videos so nothing is pictured here. The boys both loved the show.  Lincoln was all smiles and clapping and has been saying the best part was the "HIGH!" (meaning when the dolphins jumped high in the air) all week.  Ben was excited in his own way.  A little smirk and a consistent nod when asked if he was having fun.  I think he was a little weirded out at how excited I was and kept grabbing his leg during the show.  He reacted by informing me he "was not scared and I didn't have to hold his leg when there were loud noises!"  I guess he misinterpreted my squeezes.

When we left the aquarium, it was POURING rain.  So sorry Nick's not pictured here, but I had full intentions of taking a picture of the three of them outside of the aquarium.  I didn't realize the weather change that had occurred while we were inside!

Linc was waving to the diver inside the tank.  So cute.

Both boys were glued to the glass.  (I couldn't quite figure out the camera with the lighting in there.  The boys showed up clearer when using the flash, but they I basically captured nothing else in the room.)

The day ended with the four of us playing some games in the family room (Cars Memory game, Candyland and Zingo) while it rained and we waited for our pizza.  It was a very very fun family day!

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