Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ice Cream Festival

For our GA activity this weekend, we headed downtown for the day.  First we went to Nick's new office.  The boys LOVED looking out the windows and pointing out things they could see.  I enjoyed seeing where Nick goes to work and was impressed by the very nice and completely new office.  Afterwards, we headed to Piedmont Park for the Ice Cream Festival.  The boys enjoyed jumping on a blow up obstacle course and riding a little train around the park.  Then, we went to enjoy the real reason for the festival...

As typical with their personalities, Lincoln sat right in the grass and ate his ice cream as fast as he could and wanted to taste any flavor we'd let him...

And made sure to drink every last sip.

On the other hand, Ben sat in the stroller, carefully ate his vanilla ice cream and asked for a napkin when one drop fell on his lap.  

Love these.

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