Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lincoln's 2nd Birthday

I know I'm being slow on this.  I need to do a true update to capture what Lincoln's up to right now, but first I want to get the pictures/videos up from his birthday.  Since we had only been in our new house about 5 days, Lincoln's birthday "party" as rather small.  Ben, Jen and I spent Lincoln's naptime turning the kitchen into a "party" for him, wrapping presents, making a cake and dinner.  Nick got home from work around the same time Lincoln woke up so we captured him coming down from his nap on video.  

Ben was so proud of the decorations he helped hang!

As you saw in the video, Lincoln went straight to the gifts....so we broke tradition and opened presents before dinner and cake.

Lincoln is in love with his new baby.

To sing happy birthday, we had a few family members arrive electronically. :)

Happy birthday to Lincoln!!!

Playing with some of his gifts...

Yep, Nick was so excited, the boys played lax in our kitchen....

It was a great day!  Can't believe my little baby is 2 years old!

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