Saturday, March 28, 2009

Meeting Michael

Ben's home from his vacation and getting back into the swing of things... except he's unfortunately not sleeping through the night like he did in Florida.  We all enjoyed our time in the warmer weather and can't wait until it gets warmer here!

Today we drove to NJ to meet Bern and Mike's new baby Michael (1 month).  He is a big baby, just like Ben, and seems to have the same sunny disposition.  It was great to see Bern and Mike and we look forward to lots of beach time together this summer!

The boys officially meet...

They get a little closer while Michael uses Ben to hold himself up.

Now they are old friends.

The next generation of 750... what cuties!  Who knew we'd have two boys join the group?

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The Sher Family said...

The pictures of the boys are adorable! We enjoyed your visit and hope to see you when the beach weather arrives!