Monday, May 11, 2009

Ben's Baptism

Ben was baptized yesterday with his whole family in town for the event.  He did great during the ceremony and enjoyed seeing both sets of Grandparents, all aunts, uncle and cousin and the Shields family all the way from Orlando.  He is thankful to his Aunt Jen and Brian for kindly taking the role of his Godparents.  Looks like you're stuck with him forever!  Love you both.  Click below for pictures (more than just a few so I'm linking to picasa).  

After the day was over and all our family headed home, I had some great play time with Ben.  It was awesome to celebrate Mother's Day with my little guy (and my big guy)...I am so very lucky.  At the end of the baptism pictures are a few of him giggling during our play time.  I apologize for the number of similar looking pictures there; I couldn't stop taking them as he was absolutely adorable.

Thank you to Nick for my beautiful gift.  I love it.  Happy Mother's Day to my Mom (I love you and thanks for all of your help this weekend) and all other moms!!

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Brian Shields said...

Is he getting even cuter? Those last pics of him are the best yet!