Friday, May 22, 2009

Current Expressions of Benjamin

Thank you to everyone's comments about Ben's 5 month photo shoot.  I'm glad everyone thought it was as funny as I did!  We'll see what happens next month...I can only hope to get at least one good picture.

We didn't have too much going on this week, but we are very excited about a three day weekend with Daddy at home!  Updates on Ben....he's becoming more and more aware of his surroundings and objects that are consistently within reach.  The phone and the remote are especially becoming an object of his affection...even if it's just to lick a little bit.  He's also spending lots of time on his side (both playing and sleeping).  He's still not sitting on his own, maybe within the next month or so.  Here are some current shots showing his frequent expressions.

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Papi said...

Thanks Kris. I was getting Ben withdrawal symptoms. Three days is a long time between postings. I know you're very busy, but you have a world out here that checks for updates frequently.