Thursday, May 28, 2009

Up way too late

I'm up late getting ready for Ben's big trip to NYC tomorrow.  Trying to get the camera and video camera cleared off and ready to go.  I figured I'd put up the last few new pictures that I have.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be nice and we'll get some good pictures of Ben in Central Park. 

Doing some work with Daddy before bed the other night.

(in Nick's make-shift office since Ben's bedroom took over his old one!)

Ben in the big chair.  He seemed to sit better in this one than the little one on his 5 month birthday (see previous post :)), maybe it was the toys.

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Brian Shields said...


Lots of good Yankees gear in NYC. You look cute in anything, but maybe even cuter in pinstripes??? Just throwing it out there.

The Godfather