Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A night out!

So, this post doesn't have too much to do with Ben.  We had our first real night out leaving Ben with babysitters on Saturday night.  We went to VA for a wedding of a family friend and left him in the capable hands of our friends Emily and Jackie.  He seems to have done well - although as expected, didn't want to eat from a bottle.  Here are a few shots from the wedding (some aren't mine :)).

My 2nd Mom...Mother of the Bride

Kath and Mr. Sellery making their entrance

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kurtz

The Fam

Do we look worried about Ben?  Thanks to periodic updates, we (i.e., I) did ok!

On the way home...currently obsessed with everything going in his mouth, I was trying everything I could to keep the little guy happy.

Self taken picture

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