Wednesday, August 19, 2009

8 Months Old!

Another month has gone by and again, I cannot believe it. Not too much has changed with Ben in the last month or so, but I'll give an update anyway (sorry about the weird spacing):

- Sitting even better on his own and can (somewhat) gracefully get down from the sitting position. He cannot yet sit up on his own from laying down.
- Loves standing (assisted) and enjoying the world from a different view.
- Still rolling all over the place as his sole mode of transportation.
- Loves having two toys in his hand to shake as much as doesn't even matter if they make noise or not!
- Giggles, which we love, but also has the best belly laugh in the world. (See previous post with video if you missed it!)
- Has a new favorite toy....his outside swing (I need to post pictures of it!). He holds on tight to the ropes and will NOT let go when it's time to go inside.
- Sleeping pretty well and is on a solid schedule of two naps a day. I'm loving how predictable he is these days.
- Eating is still the same....he'll get it eventually.
- Will be visiting his 12th and 13th state this month as the Kray family vacations in New Hampshire and we meet cousin Julia in Rhode Island.

I guess that's it...that's more updates than I thought. Happy happy birthday Ben. I love every single day with you!

Ben lounging in his birthday chair.

It was hard to keep him sitting still again today.

Nick was home today. Always brings a smile to Ben's face!

A preview of Ben's standing ability!


Cate said...

I cant believe its been 8 months & I have yet to meet the little man. He is adorable!

Katie said...

Happy 8 months, Benny!