Monday, August 10, 2009

Playing around

This is about as close as we get to crawling. Ben pushes up...then goes back down on his belly and kicks his legs and twirls his arms as if he's swimming or something. Maybe he thinks he's moving...I don't know.

Trying to teach Ben clapping and "high fives" but he just likes to grab our hands...progress, I guess.

It's a rarity to get Ben to sit still these days for a picture.

Meet Ben's new friend!

Sitting next to the puppy was followed by a dive forward and his version of crawling (see above for description).

Here's a little of the arm can hardly see it he's moving it so fast!

Babies are so flexible!

Typical Ben look.


Nick said...

great post babe! so many different picks of the little man, makes me feel like i didn't miss anything being back at work today.

Brian Shields said...

Throw him in a pool. Maybe he is the next Michael Phelps (without the legal problems of course).

Love the pic of him looking at his new friend!