Monday, September 19, 2011

Pumpkinland 2011

We have made the trip to Pumpkinland every year since Ben was born. This year, Lincoln go to experience the trip. We will probably go to another pumpkin patch before Halloween so Nick can participate, but since we were already at Linvilla to pick apples, we had to stop in to the pumpkins. As usual, it allowed us to get some nice pictures of the boys.

Lincoln's first "picture where you stick your head in the hole" experience.

(Sidebar: I was about to type this and couldn't decide what to call them. Can you believe I found an article about how it's really confusing because there isn't an official name for these types of boards? What do you call them?)

Ben is an expert at this game.

Ben was intrigued by the painted pumpkins. I meant to paint pumpkins last year and we ran out of time before Halloween. We will be sure to paint some this year if I can figure out what kind of paint to use.

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Brian Shields said...

Make more boys. They are so adorable!