Sunday, October 30, 2011

1/2 750 Reunion

Today, we had a 1/2 750 reunion. (I realize only some of you will know what that is!) Two of my roommates from college, Bernadette (and family) and Jenn came over for a visit. Ben enjoyed playing with Michael, sharing his toys and having a nice lunch together at Ben's little table.

Brendan and Lincoln hung out while we ate.

After lunch, we had a mini Halloween celebration by dressing the kids up. We had some jungle animals and a fireman with his dalmatian. :) I've included a few because of course it was impossible to get pictures of all 4 kids looking at the camera. Here, they all seem busy except for Lincoln.

A little better...

Laughing about something

We were so happy to introduce Jenn to Lincoln!

1/2 750 and 4/5 of 750 2nd generation. Some day we will get everyone together!

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