Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

We'll start out this birthday post with some pictures of Lincoln...just in case you haven't seen enough of him recently...I'll go a little over board. :)

This is his "wwwhhhaaatt?" face.

He loves chewing on his hand. I wish he'd find a thumb or something so it was a soothing thing. As of right now, it just contributes to the massive amount of drool that he produces daily.

Soon after I took a ton of pictures of Lincoln, Ben woke up from his nap and snuggled right up next to his brother on the couch.


A little later...after Daddy got home...

Playing on the floor... we were trying to get Lincoln to roll over as a birthday present to me. He was having none of it.

Here we were playing a little game of passing Ben and the camera back and forth.

Birthday picture with my boys!

Love this face.

Ben is certainly not always a saint. I don't remember what this particular tantrum was about but I was clearly amused.

Birthday cake! All day, I kept trying to get Ben to sing to me and he kept saying that Daddy was coming home to sing with him and refused to sing alone. Finally, he sang to me...

and helped me blow out candles.

A perfect birthday evening with my three boys. :)

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