Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dr for both boys!

I believe Lincoln has now bypassed Ben at the same age weighing in at 18 pounds 15 ounces at 6 months (75%). He was 28 1/4 inches tall (95%).

Ben, at 3, was finally weighed on the big boy scale and the (much more reliable) standing height measurement. He was 32 1/2 pounds (50%) and 37 inches tall (25-50%).

We left with two happy boys (even with shots for Lincoln) and 4 prescriptions to pick up thanks to Ben's cold/ear infection and Lincoln's sensitive skin (just like his brother). In a record number of trips to the doctor this fall (I would guess maybe 10 times since the beginning of October), we will be back again after the holidays for an ear check, flu shot for Lincoln and a new booser for Ben. Welcome to the life of two kids (with one in school), right? Thank goodness, neither has a fear of the doctor....yet.

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