Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting our Christmas tree

The best thing about the place we get our tree is the name.

The only bad part of our trip was that we discovered Ben has a new FEAR of fire trucks. This may possibly cause a problem next weekend when his birthday party is at a FIREHOUSE. Here he's telling Nick he wants to see the fire trucks from across the street rather than so close. What are we going to do next week if he won't go into his own party?

Ben was very into decorating the tree. In fact, we had a hard time convincing him to stop putting ornaments on until we were finished with the lights. Then he proceeded to put every ornament in a very small section of the tree...but he loved every minute of it. I had to redo the tree during his nap, but it turned out really pretty.

4 stockings!


Brian Shields said...

In his defense, those trucks are really big and loud. Plus, they never mean good news!

Katie said...

Jack and Lincoln have the same stocking!! Your mantle looks great with 4 stockings - how fun!