Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A little Christmas excitement - and a tree!

I love Christmas trees and historically, getting and decorating the tree has been one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.  The possibility of a fake tree was always out of the question and I usually ended up putting 80% the ornaments up by myself....but I still enjoyed it.  However, with Lincoln in the house and the fact that we aren't going to be home for Christmas, I agreed with Nick's decision to skip the big Christmas tree this year.  

As an alternative, we told Ben we'd get him a little tree for his room.  So...on Sunday, we went to Target and ended up with a little 4 1/2 ft pre-lite tree.  Since I'm stuck on the couch this week after my surgery, I asked Nick to put it up in the family room just to test to see if Lincoln was drawn to destroy it (so I could enjoy it a little).  When Ben came down this morning, he was SO EXCITED to see the tree.  I think he thought that Chippy (our Elf Scout) brought the tree.  He must have forgot about going to the store to pick it a few days ago.  Anyway, he started shouting, "I'm ready to put ornaments on that tree!!"  I found some soft, non breakable ones and in about 5-10 minutes, he was thrilled to have a decorated tree.  If we need to move it to his room, we will, but for now....I'm happy to have a [little, fake] Christmas tree to admire while sitting here on the couch.

Linc was interested when he came down....but didn't do too much more than point and admire.  We will see...

Lincoln also noticed very quickly that Chippy was not sitting on the motion detector (where they left him last night).  Ben decided to help him find Chippy's new location - since he's the big brother and had already found him instantly upon coming down stairs himself.

Hand in hand, they walked to the kitchen.

Once Ben had Lincoln positioned correctly (with minimal shoving), Lincoln spotted his new friend.  I'm loving the fact that both kids are seemingly into Christmas this year!  It will only get better as they get older!


Kathy said...

use fishing wire to secure the tree to the wall. We used to do that for a variety of reasons.

Kristin said...

I'm not worried about him knocking over the tree....wouldn't be that big of a deal. I just don't want him to electrocute himself or destroy and eat the ornaments!