Sunday, December 30, 2012

The day before, the day before Christmas.

We headed to VA last Saturday to celebrate Christmas with my family.  When we got there, we were greeted by a Christmas tree (a real one as opposed to our ridiculously little one at home), Christmas music, lots of wedding discussions (Lauren is getting married!!!) and a very excited pair of Kray boys!!  At bedtime, after getting in his pj's, Ben, Nick and my mom headed out to a house nearby with an amazing lights display.  Ben loved it so much, he went back the following night!  We were all finally in the Christmas spirit.

On Sunday morning, we headed to Arlington to see Lauren and Aaron's adorable apartment.  Lauren happened to have a game for Ben...and Lincoln didn't hesitate to create his own game....reorganizing her pots and pans....

In the afternoon, I brought Ben to continue a family tradition that I think I've missed out on for the past 10 years - Christmas cookie decorating with the Hunts.  Ben enjoyed decorating (and eating) lots of Christmas cookies.  I enjoyed seeing Rachel and Emily all grown up and catching up with (my pretend older sister) Mary.

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