Friday, December 28, 2012

Lincoln is 18 Months

I'm behind on pictures from Christmas and I will update the blog with those soon....but I figured I'd take advantage of my time here to actually write an update for Lincoln's 18 month birthday.  I can't believe he's 18 months already.  Some days I think he's about 3 with what he THINKS he can do or should be able to do!

First of all, at his 18 month appointment, he was 26 lbs 14 oz (50-75%) and 33 1/2 inches tall (75-90%).  With his full head of hair and his 7 month walking experience, he looks like a much older kid than Ben did at 18 months!  This is what Lincoln is up to:

- He's still not really talking.  I'm encouraging him to say things when he wants something, points to something, sees something, etc.  However, the only words he's using on his own consistently are hi and bye.  Maybe Ben talks too much so....  Whatever the reason, I hope he starts talking soon.  I'd love to know what's going on in his little head.

- He has 10 teeth.  The top molars have just come in...messing with his sleep a little bit....and it appears the bottom ones are on their way.  The eye teeth are next....can't wait until we are done with those!

- He can point to many body parts (eyes, nose, ears, hair, mouth, head, belly, hands, feet) and can follow pretty much any direction.  He gives hugs and kisses VERY willingly (love that) and copies lots of sounds or motions that Ben makes.  He copies EVERYTHING Ben does....and then some.  Lincoln has never been into age appropriate toys because he always wants to play with whatever Ben is playing with.  Of course...

When Ben builds a tower, Lincoln knocks it down.
When Ben puts together a puzzle, Lincoln takes it apart.
When Ben colors a picture, Lincoln eats the crayon or maker (and just as often, the paper).  
When Ben plays with anything small, Lincoln puts it in his mouth.
When Ben dresses up like a fireman, Lincoln wants all the same gear.
When Ben plays with his new Leap Pad, Lincoln wants to hold it and tap the screen randomly.

However, when Ben is not around, Lincoln explores on his own and gets into things that Ben wouldn't have ever thought to get into!  We have gated the kitchen (something we never did with Ben) and removed all dining room chairs from around the table because Lincoln can climb up in about 1.5 seconds and access anything on the tables or countertops.  Bathroom doors must remain shut or he will be in the sink or plunging the toilet.  If he makes his way into our bedroom or bathroom, he opens every door and drawer he can in the time he can escape me and pulls out anything that looks like he shouldn't have it.  I'm not complaining (well maybe I am a little bit), rather I'm sharing these actual, daily experiences so that I remember them....and I can tell him about them when he gets older!  For the most part, it's funny...but it does stress both Ben and me out occasionally.  In those cases, we pack up and get out of the house.  We call him the tazmainian devil.  He touches everything in his path.

- The flip side of the point above is that Lincoln is an AWESOME sleeper.  He naps for 3-4 house sometimes in the afternoon and generally goes to bed great at night.  He's exerted so much energy over the day, he has to rest up for another day. :)

- He is so totally adorable.  I know I"m biased because he's my son, but I really think with his blue blue eyes and his dark hair and his devilish grin and innocent facial expressions that he's the cutest 18 month old in the world. :)  (Ben, I can say that because you're 4 are the cutest 4 year old in the world.)

- One more thing that I want to put here because it's so strange and when I look back, I want to remember that he was doing this.....the kid is obsessed with fuzz.  Has anyone ever heard of that?  I literally cannot give him a stuffed animal, wear a sweater, lay him on a rug etc. where he can pick off a piece of fuzz because he will EAT or SNORT it!  So strange.  Someone please tell me how to stop that one.  He even knows he's doing something wrong because often he will giggle and run from me after putting a piece of something (lint?) in his mouth.

Ok....there's my update.   It's been a long time....and you really love Lincoln if you're still reading. :)

LOVE YOU LINCY!  You add joy and craziness to my life every minute and I wouldn't have it any other way.  XOXOXO  Happy 18 months!

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