Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ben's Birthday Party

For Ben's birthday this year, he wouldn't entertain any idea other than going BACK to a firehouse.  In an effort to change things up a bit (from last year's party), we went to our neighborhood firehouse with our family and a few friends.  They opened every single door, tool box, etc. in every single truck in the firehouse and let the kids run around for 2 hours.  It was literally our own personal "Touch a Truck."  It was awesome!  We had pizza and cake and let the kids run wild.  Ben spent a lot of the time with his head phones on, but we were happy when he warmed up enough to climb into some of the trucks.  Lincoln couldn't get enough of the trucks and had an awesome time as well.  Ben informed me we were going back again next year.....we will see.... :)

Ben and his friend, Alexa.

I enjoyed "driving" the truck.

So did Lincoln!

At first, this was as close as Ben would get to the truck.  I have no idea what was going on with him.  We drive by fire houses daily because he's obsessed with them and he asked daily when his birthday party was going to be so he could go to the fire house.  However, when we got there, he was so nervous!  Frustrating!  Fortunately, it wore off and he was happy to climb in the trucks.

Ben and Carl driving the truck!

Jen and Brendan. 

The Krulls.

The Clarks.

The newly engaged, Lauren and Aaron.

Ben IN a truck with Nana.

Lincoln comfortable in the driver's seat.

Our family shot. 

The Heyne/Krays.

Cakes at the party.

Happy birthday to Ben!

Engagement pics?

My little 4 year old. :)

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