Friday, February 19, 2010

14 months old!

Today, Ben was lucky enough to spend his 14 month "birthday" in Florida! As always, I'm going to write his update. Please disregard if this is boring as this is the best way for me to document what's going on with him. :)

- As announced in previous posts, we are officially counting Ben's first word as "HI." Although it doesn't sound exactly like hi, we are positive this is what he is saying as he is consistent and it is usually accompanied by a wave. People were answering him when we were in a store the other day. He gets excited and just repeats it over and over again. The other thing he says - ALL THE TIME - is "Ah DA!" It seems to mean a lot and is sometimes accompanied by a finger pointing at something. Someday soon we'll find out what he means.

- Ben has learned a good amount of his body parts. He can point to his ear, nose, mouth, tummy, feet, head and an occasional eye. He can do some hand motions on demand, including the newest: itsy bitsy spider (in his own way, of course).

- He continues to be absolutely obsessed with remotes, phones, computers, or anything with buttons that makes noised or lights up. Just try to take one away from him without hearing an obvious protest!

- Ben has started eating a lot of "real" food. He's had things like chicken parm, lasagna, hot dogs, pb&j, grilled cheese and pizza. It's so fun giving him real food! He still loves cheese, lots of fruit, peas, carrots, yogurt and his favorite snack: wheat thins.

Not too much else....Ben's personality just seems to be developing more and more each day. He is definitely communicating with us even if he doesn't have words yet. His little babbling voice is so cute so I can't wait until he actually has conversations with us. Every day, it's fun to see what he learns! Happy 14 months, Benny!

Off to Orlando tomorrow to see DADDY!!!!!! Also, we will be visiting the Shields family where Ben will get to play with his bud Dylan, hug his Godfather and give soon-to-be-a-mommy-of-two, Aimee, a kiss!

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Papi said...

Checking for a new posting; showing that you've gotten "home." We'll have to have you listen to Carl. He says what sounds like "daht!" a lot and points. Very similar to Ben's "ahDA." Definitely a multi-purpose expression.