Sunday, February 7, 2010

Finally out in the snow!

Super excited about going out in the snow.... HA

After days of LOOKING at the snow, Ben finally got to experience it!

A wave for Mommy.

"Where is my hand? I know it's in there!"

Considering..."is this fun?"

"Maybe! Although I can't really move at ALL!"


There is even snow on our porch.

Cutest picture...even though it's not my kid. :)

Ben strikes a pose as we are coming back inside and getting all our snow gear off...

Just some pretty shots...

Wish it were summer!

Ben and his favorite toy.


Jen said...

Finally Benny got to play in the snow!!

Brian Shields said...

How much did you get? It looks like a light dusting of snow. We were cold in Florida too...only middle 60s yesterday! We stayed indoors. See you guys soon!

Kathy said...

He needs his mittens! I miss my Ben!

Kristin said...

We got around 30 inches maybe. He has mittens but didn't need them...his hands didn't come near the end of the jacket and it actually wasn't too cold outside.

Katie said...

I love how little kids look in snow suits! Can he move at all?!??