Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ben's trip to Florida (so far anyway :))

Ben did ok on the trip down. We were very lucky to have Aunt Jenny there to help us!! We rated him a B- on the first flight and a C on the second. Room for improvement!!

Gazing out at our plane...

2nd outfit of the day after a motion sickness incident. :(

"We are here and Grandma has toys for me!!"

On our way to Naples to meet Ben's Great Grandparents for lunch....

Watch out for Grandma and Grandpa!!!

Doing a little reading at lunch.

Anything to keep him entertained.

Thank you for driving to meet us. We loved seeing you!

Ben checking out a water fountain outside with his Grandma.

Heading out for a quick walk with Grandpa before dinner. THIS is Florida weather??

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Kathy said...

Everyone looks great! Ben must have loved seeing everyone. Does Ben have a new jacket!?!?(he!he!) I miss my Ben. Can't wait to see him.