Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ben meets ELMO!

Ben attended a neighbor's birthday party today that had an Elmo theme. The party included once of Ben's favorite activities......a water table!

Check out his Elmo hat!

Kate showed up and splashed around a bit with Ben.

And showed everyone how darn cute she is!

Oh my....look who's walking up our street!!???!!

Ben was not scared at all. He has no idea who Elmo is, but was very excited...

to give him a bum pat.

"What the heck is this big furry thing?!"

Ben spots Daddy coming home from work.

The cutest boy in the world posing with his new friend.


Papi said...

Coincidence that Ben and Elmo were both in orange? He's special in his liking for "special" characters. Lots of little people are scared of them. He's our man!

Kristin said...

Don, you need to watch Sesame Street....Elmo is red! :) Pictures may have altered his color a little bit.

Papi said...

O-M-G Please don't tell Ben that Papi got so confused. Just give him a hug for me.