Saturday, May 8, 2010

First real Phillies game

We did take Ben to a Nationals game in DC and they happened to be playing the Phillies, but today was Ben's first Phillies game in Philadelphia. We went with the Siwickis and it was fun to watch the boys experience the game (and the crowds) together. We didn't spend too much time in our seats and we fought some crazy wind, but we had a great time!

Ben made lots of friends in his seat.

Family picture!

I'm excited to celebrate Mother's Day thankful for my adorable guy!!!!

Gavin can walk circles around Ben....but Ben tried to show Gavin what he can do anyway.

I love the wind blowing Ben's hair in this picture and the adorable look on Gavin's face. :)

Fighting the wind to the car. Ben thought it was sooo funny.

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Kathy said...

looks like you all had a great day at the game. Maybe we'll all be able to go to a game soon.
L, Mimi
Happy Mother's Day, Kris, from one Mom to another.