Thursday, May 20, 2010

Elmwood Park Zoo

With nothing on the schedule today, Ben and I went on a little date to the Elmwood Park Zoo. He looked like such a big boy in his new big-boy shoes and shorts!

So here can experience our trip through pictures....

"Ah DAH!!!"

"Yes, Ben.....BIRDS."

"Ah DAH!!!"

"That's right....a BISON."

"Ah DAH!!!"

"Yes Ben....look at those......PRAIRIE DOGS."

Ok, so this one was my favorite. The Jaguar!

"Ah DAH!!!"

"I know Ben....the PEACOCK is right there!"

"Ah DAH!!!"

"Look at that pretty bird Ben...while Mommy sits down and takes a break from pushing you all over this park."

You get the idea. Wish he could say more, but he CLEARLY had a good time!

And a little walking to top off the morning. :)

1 comment:

Brian Shields said...

I love all the pics. What a great kid!!