Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Visiting Santa

Today, I took the boys to see Santa. We had "visited" him a few times over the last few weeks - waved to him in the mall - so Ben wouldn't be so overwhelmed seeing him for the first time. It worked well except that I couldn't get both boys to smile. Oh well...neither are crying or trying to jump off his lap, so I guess it was successful.

Ben told Santa what he's been telling us for 2 weeks now...that he wants "fans, and light switches and light bulbs" for Christmas. I have no idea what he means or where that came from. However, this evening, he added "stars" to his wish list. Is he trying to confuse me? I'm open to any ideas as to how to satisfy those requests realistically for a 3 year old.

I didn't splurge for the digital and Nick's too busy for me to ask him to scan it, so a picture of the picture is the next best thing. I'm not sure what worked better - with or without the flash.


Brian Shields said...

Get the boy a safe fan and safe light. Done. That is awesome! The man likes to be comfortable while seeing his toys. Understandable.

The Naptime Critic said...

seriously? i've got the stars covered.