Sunday, March 21, 2010

15 months

What a big boy Ben is becoming! For this "birthday" Ben spent the day in Florida and then traveling home. He was awesome for the first half of the flight and then quite the opposite for the second half. We both made it home though and Ben was very happy to see his Daddy!

- Ben still isn't saying too many actual words, but is doing a good amount of babbling. He finds many ways to communicate with us and let us know exactly what he wants. Still waiting for a "Mommy" or "Daddy." We are hoping it is coming soon!

- Ben got his 7th tooth in November and just got his 8th! We had a nice break of 4 months with no new teeth. I'm assuming we have the joys of molars in our near future. Good luck to me!

- Some of his more recent skills are blowing kisses, opening doors, knocking (the correct way), and walking on his knees (still not interested in actual walking). We also learned this month that he's finally able to nap in his stroller again. This is awesome because we are able to do some activities that last longer than just a few hours as you will see in my next post!

- For whatever reason, not much changed this month. We are excited to find out how much Ben weighs at his doctor's appointment on Thursday and have a nice little visit home to see all of our friends. We hope to have some bigger announcements next month!

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