Thursday, March 18, 2010

Florida fun

Pancake breakfast

I took a bunch of pictures of Ben like this on the beach this morning and a lot of them have those light reflective circles on them. I guess it's not as noticable on this one, but what a way to ruin a picture! I should have realized it while taking the pictures.

He may be liking the beach more...although he didn't really pay much attention to the sand. It was cold again...long pants and long sleeve. Are we really in Florida?

Ben is giggling at Grandma.

Sunbathing....sorta. :) What a cute little boy who is ALMOST 15 months old!


Kathy said...

The last picture looks like he's "catching" a tan!

Papi said...

Be sure to give him a "birthday" hug and kiss from Papi tomorrow. Happy birthday Ben!