Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ben and his ladies

Ben and I drove home today for a doctor's appointment (which is tomorrow). Ben had a 2 on 1 Bachelor-style date with Kate and Brenna for dinner. Well, Bachelor-style with Mommies present. Thank you soooo much to Christa for a fantastic dinner!

Kate has Ben's favorite toy. He was in heaven.

The weather was beautiful, so we took the crew outside...

Poor Kate was not a fan

Neither was Brenna

Here is Ben wondering why the girls are crying! I'd say they were fighting over him, but they seemed to cry more when in the same wagon. :(

Soooo....Ben got the wagon to himself.

And the girls seemed a lot happier.

This play time was followed by a fantastic mac 'n cheese dinner resulting in 2 out of 3 kids in just their undershirts. It's a funny world when you classify your meal as great when you end up in only your underwear!


Megan said...

Sounds like so much fun.... What is this wagon thing? I need one!

Kristin said...

It's Christa's. I think she got it from Toys 'R Us. So even has cup holders for the parents!