Monday, March 15, 2010

Ben is back in FL!

This time, my sister Lauren is down here with us. We've been here two days and Ben has been to the pool twice. He LOVES it!

Ben's little mullet is so curly down here.

Ben meets Snickers again. It's hard to keep him away from her as he wants to pet her constantly. And...being that she's about 150 years old, she's not thrilled with a loud child.

Ben wants to be outside!

Today, we took Ben to the beach. He seemed to like it a little more than last time. He was amazed by all of the birds. He spent most of the time pointing at them and waving. He was willing to touch the sand, but preferred to be held.

One of my beautiful sisters. :)

Ben helping Grandpa with some work.

Bathtime after a day full of fun in the sun!

This is a new constant facial expression:


Papi said...

Glad to see so many pictures of our happy Ben! Always good to see the Bentleys too. Jen couldn't get away from work?

Kathy said...

The curly mullet looks likes Nick senior year of high school. I miss my Ben. Looking forward to May when I can see him in person. Until then keep the blog and skype going!