Thursday, March 18, 2010

Florida fun in the afternoon :)

After a quick errand today, Ben hopped out of his carseat and roamed around the backseat of the car VERY happily.

Grandma got back from her errand and Ben spotted her out the window. "HHHHAAAAA!!!!" (translation for anyone who hasn't been here in a while: Hi!)

Mommy wasn't feeling the pool today, so Grandpa happily stepped in and Ben was in heaven once again.

Bathed and jammied up....and going for a ride in a box.


Kathy said...

Aren't boxes fun??!! Almost as much fun as a pot and wooden spoon!!

Nick said...

I'm pretty sure mimi and papi could find a picture of me looking quite similar to the last picture. boxes and young boys certainly do mix very well.