Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy 1 month Lincoln!

It's hard to imagine a whole month has passed since Lincoln joined our family. As I did with Ben, I am going to take monthly pictures of Lincoln on his new chair. He pretty much cooperated and was certainly more awake than Ben was in his one month picture!

(Ben at 1 month)

(Back to Lincoln)

Ben looks like he's strangling Lincoln....I promise, he was fine.

Ben was singing "Happy Birthday to Lincoln"

Brothers cuddling.

Lincoln has been a good eater and definitely gained a ton of weight. We are anxious to see how much weight at his doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. He eats every 2 hours (seriously, he's like clockwork) during the day with MAYBE one stretch in the afternoon. Overnight, he's waking up to eat 1 or 2 times. He is definitely in the eat, poop and sleep stage and it's an endless cycle. He has a little bit of awake time each day and has showed us that he is enjoying his tummy time and is working on lifting his head and moving it from one cheek to the other when he's on his tummy.

Ben is still completely enthralled with Lincoln and smothers him with hugs and kisses constantly. I worry about inadvertent squishing, but I'm thankful for the endless love he seems to show his little brother.

It's wonderful to watch Lincoln grow each day and we look forward to when he actually interacts with us. I'm not sure Ben realizes that Lincoln is NOT interacting with him. How amazed he will be when Lincoln gets older and they can play together!

Happy 1 month, Lincoln!!

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Katie said...

Happy 1 month, Lincoln! We are so happy that we get to see you soon before you get too big. Jack is looking forward to meeting you and Ben!