Thursday, July 7, 2011

Update after a week home

Life at home:

So we have had Lincoln home for a week now and while I wouldn't say we are in a routine at all, we are getting used to having two boys at home. Lincoln is still definitely in the sleep all day stage. He is getting up at night and continuing to eat the same every 2-3 hours that he's doing during the day. Occasionally, he's going for a longer stretch....sometimes during the day and sometimes at night. Eventually, he should get his days/nights straight. We had some extra "awake" time yesterday, but today he's been sleeping pretty much all day. Maybe he's tired from yesterday.....maybe he's resting up for his 10 day growth spurt tomorrow. Either way, I hope this doesn't mean he'll be up a ton overnight!

Ben is very very loving towards Lincoln. He wants to hold him, hug him and kiss him often. Unrelated to Lincoln, he's been being pretty naughty and testing his limits. While it's always possible that it's related to his new brother, I'm guessing it could be related to lack of sleep. Ben has had an endless list of playmates here as our family has been staying with us and rotating through here since a full week BEFORE Lincoln's arrival. As a result, Ben is hesitant to want to nap or go to bed because of all of the fun he's having. His train set and big floor puzzles are definite favorites right now! We'll see how it is when it's just boring old Mommy and Daddy at home!

We had our first outing today...actually I should say I had my first outing. Everyone else has been in and out of the house, but I haven't really gone too many places (with Lincoln). We went to buy Ben new sneakers (they look huge at a size NINE!) and went to lunch with my mom and sister, Jen. Slowly, we will get back to our "normal" life!

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