Monday, July 25, 2011

A new gadget in the house

Just like his dad, Ben is interested in any new gadget that he finds. The newest "gadget" in the house is my breast pump. Ben is VERY interested in it and "helps" me by pushing the power button every time I pump around him. He investigates while I'm pumping and oversees my pouring and storing of the milk. I found him in the kitchen here checking out the pump while it was not in use. Right before I took this picture, he lifted his shirt and was placing the shield on his tummy. I wish I had gotten the camera on fast enough to capture that moment.

A few days ago, Ben climbed onto his bed, deliberately placed his pillow on his lap, lifted his shirt and held his new platypus stuffed animal to his chest. I'm hoping this is completely normal procedure for older siblings of breastfed babies.

1 comment:

Brian Shields said...

Teenager Ben is pleased you weren't quick enough to get that picture :)