Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Wednesday

My first picture holding both of my boys!

During the series of pictures we took to get Ben smiling for the above picture, we caught this little expression on Lincoln's face.

Ben's obsessed with my elbow. Don't ask, it's a strange thing we have going on. Just thought this was a funny picture capturing a busy moment. I didn't even know my mom snapped it.

Ben asks to hold Lincoln multiple times a day.

Lincoln's favorite place to hang out.


Katie said...

I LOVE these photos of you with both boys! And Kris, I am commenting because YOU look fantastic! You would never know that you had a baby only one week ago and are now taking care of two kids. Wow!

Papi said...

I can't wait (but I guess I'll have to)to see "the boys" again. Less than four days now!