Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kray Family Time

Kathy and Don arrived and we had a visit from Kara, Carl and CV. It was the first time Carl and CV met Lincoln.

This picture was supposed to be one of Don with all THREE grandsons. As you can see, we were not successful getting Ben and CV to stay put at the same time. Ben only stayed put long enough to show us how excited he was about his new camera.

Dance party. One of Ben's favorite things right now is when we put on music, he gallops around the room with his arms straight up in the air saying "Everybody DANCE!"

CV was quick to jump in on the party.

Cousin's playing

Lots of books were read.

I was surprised to see I got one picture with all three of them looking at the camera. Unfortunately, the boys are kinda staring at me...but at least they are looking!

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Kathy said...

Thank you for a lovely visit. Hopefully we helped rather than made work for you. It was terrible leaving but know we'll see you again soon!