Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas in CT

On Christmas morning, Ben woke up and immediately remembered that Santa had come!  It was fun to go downstairs and see all the presents with him...but I still think he needs one more year to really be excited.  He got "tired" of opening presents pretty quickly and informed us all he was "taking a break" for the rest of the day.  Surprisingly, Lincoln was the most interested in opening presents (of the three boys)....because he wanted to eat the paper.  The boys (and Nick and myself) were so lucky to receive some wonderful presents!

Ben also made ornaments for everyone which helped him to understand that Christmas is not all about him opening presents....but is also about giving to his family.  He had fun making AND wrapping them.  I'm lacking Christmas morning pictures as our camera decided not to work at exactly the wrong time.  I'm hoping to get some pictures from Kara and Kathy, so I will post those later...but they will be out of order.  By the time, we got the camera working, Ben was "finished" opening and Lincoln had a few more things to open.  Not sure if they were even for him....

Ben and Carl were reluctant to sit for a photo.  They were ready to play!

Lincoln was happy to hang out in his borrowed exersaucer.  It wasn't made for (jumparoo-style) jumping...but that didn't stop him!

This was a common position during our visit.  Ben and Carl both got Train books that they wanted read over and over again.

They also got these cuddly animal blankets.

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