Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas in VA

On the 27th, we made the long drive from CT to VA - a 6 hour trip took us 9 1/2 hours.  It really wasn't too bad considering we were traveling with two kids.  They were very well behaved.  The worst part of the trip was that Lincoln started to get really sick.  By the time we got to VA he had a fever and his bronchiolitis was back in full effect.  On Wednesday, we took him to urgent care and spent the rest of the visit pretty focused on evaluating his status and helping him stay as comfortable as we could.  Ben, on the other hand, had a blast with his Aunties, Nana and Pop Pop.

We celebrated Christmas on Thursday morning with our traditional breakfast.  My family waited to exchange all presents until we arrived, so in a sense, we really had 2 Christmases.  We were fortunate to receive more wonderful gifts.  Ben did a repeat performance of "taking a break" but definitely enjoyed playing with his new toys/books/etc. after opening each item.

A few posed pictures after the kids were in bed...

Jen and her boyfriend, Brendan.

Lauren and Aaron

And a picture of us....without kids!

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