Sunday, June 20, 2010

18 Months - WOW

Ben is definitely not a baby anymore. He's a true toddler and is now 18 months old! All of a sudden, he seems so old! This is what he's up to at 18 months....

- Walking all over! He has definitely picked up his walking a ton and is all over the place. He still looks a little like a drunk sailor, but he generally works out his balance or just picks himself back up from a tumble with a smile. Everyone warns you about the negatives of having a new far, not a single complaint. It's AWESOME!

- In terms of talking, I'm still not convinced we can count anything other than "hi" as a word. He tries to say a lot and sometimes will copy words. Some of the things he says here and there are: mama, dada, shoe, fish, more, up and zoo (and a lot of his own little language). He'll get there, I'm sure....just moving very slowly. His absolute favorite things to say are still "hi" and "DAH!" These are words he says ALL the time. DAH = dog, balloon, plane, truck, bird, etc.

- On a related "talking" note, Ben woke up from his nap a few days ago and corrected his version of "hi" from "HA" to "hi-eeee." Very cute!

- Ben loves anything related to water. If he's not IN water, he likes to watch water fountains, play in his toy car outside, go on the swing, down slides or on the seesaw at the park. Inside the house, Ben is still very interested in remotes, telephones, computers, etc. I suppose he has some of his Daddy in him! He loves his basketball hoop and enjoys reading books, especially books about trucks.

- Ben is definitely at a cute age. I can almost have a conversation with him as he nods "yes" to almost all questions (which I suppose is much nicer than a child that says no to everything). He loves to be out and about seeing new things. We are rarely home these days.

- The only negative right now is the constant problem of Ben's silly molars. They are coming in slowly and he is NOT enjoying the process. :(

We have a very happy and healthy child and are thankful every day for our little family! We have a lot to celebrate today...happy Father's Day, Nick!!!

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Papi said...

I know I heard him say a number of words today. So my very accurate count is above ten. And I got a hug for Father's Day. My bestest gift. Love yah Ben!