Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mystic Aquarium

We met my cousin, Jill, and her daughters, Ella and Julia, at the Mystic Aquarium today. It was hot when we were outside, but very fun. I loved seeing the girls and now that Ben can walk well, it was cute to see him running around to see all the different fish.

The kids "posing" at the whale exhibit.

The sea lions were so cool. This one jumped right up in front of us to give us a show.

This picture is entirely for Lauren.....we saw African Penguins!

I have no idea what he's posing in front of...but it was cute how he went to stand in the box.

Soon Ella joined.

She loves Ben!!

2 former Bentleys with their children. :)

Did I mention it was Julia's 1st birthday today? Happy Birthday Julia!

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