Tuesday, June 15, 2010

VA in June

We arrived in VA and were greeted by Ben's grandparents and aunts. I unloaded the car and then turned to find my son who had been swept away by his adoring fans. This is where I found him. No need for a swim suit or a swim diaper, for that matter! He was in heavan.

Ummmm....can we say NICK LOOK-ALIKE!

Ben has a very silly Aunt. She climbed under the table to play with Ben.

Ben took it upon himself to do some cleaning to earn his keep in VA.

He also enjoyed watering Grandma's flowers.

Well, almost...

More water went on Ben than the flowers.


Kathy said...

Ben, Will you clean my house and water my plants? Oh, wait...I don't have any plants, but I can get some!
Can't wait for you visit. Be sure to bring Mom & Dad.

Aimee said...

The Nick-look-alike is a great picture! I love it!