Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The rest of our Orlando trip...

Just one cute picture of Ben playing at Downtown Disney before the sky opened up and we got poured on.

On Sunday at Carter's baptism. Ben fell asleep in the car on the way there and I thought MAYBE if I moved him to Dylan's stroller, he's stay asleep. This was 5 minutes later. "Fat chance, Mommy!" I chased him all over the church throughout the baptism and tried my hardest to keep him off the altar. I'm sure Nick did great and the baptism was beautiful. I didn't see much of it though. Ha! The joys of having a new walker. :)

Getting Carter ready. Unlike Ben, he DID sleep through the whole thing!

The Shields fam.

Ben has finally gotten the "cheese" for a picture down. He just needs to learn to look in the correct direction.

The best we could do to get Ben to pose with the Baby of Honor.

What a cutie. :)

On Monday.....we went back to the Orlando Science Center.

SOOOO much easier now that he's walking!

TWO boys playing at the water tables.

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Brian Shields said...

Clearly all the pics of Ben are awesome. But the picture you caught of Nick playing too, well, that's FANTASTIC!