Thursday, June 17, 2010

Back to the Philadelphia Zoo

This turtle came right over and crawled up on his friend's back to say hello to us.

Ben was chatting it up with a tiger.

Ben and Charlie rode a few hippos.

Colleen and Charlie were feeding the goats. We let Ben try once and the food went in his mouth. That was the end of that activity.

Charlie was brushing the goats.

I was sure Ben would be terrified of the goats, but after a proper introduction...

He made friends with them all.

"Hey goat! Where did you go? I was brushing you and I can't walk as fast as you do on this uneven ground!"

Colleen and Charlie with a bearded pig.

Our own shot with the bearded pig.

So Ben was about to lose it (nap time) so we hurried to the exit to get the boys in the car. On our way, we saw a water fountain and all crankiness was forgotten for a few minutes. Water always cheers up our little guy!

A fun day and currently, a happily napping little boy! So happy you guys could come with us. :)

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Karen said...

Cute pics - we were there this morning, too!!