Monday, June 28, 2010

Ben's First Words

Months ago, I announced that Ben's first word was "Hi" and at the time, it sounded like "HA." Recently, I said he's been getting a little better at talking. I'm happy to say that he has straightened out his "Hi" and added two more words to his vocabulary: "shoe" and "ball." He will also repeat a few others. The only one not in this video that he says pretty consistently is "Daddy" ("dada") (sorry Nick...I think he started to get distracted). Enjoy!


Unknown said...

I think he's a genius! Talks a lot better at his age than i did!

Papi said...

Awesome! Our little man is getting so big and mature. Won't be long before he's dating.

Kathy said...

watched it a million times with Carl V. He got really good at repeating the words for you!

Kristin said...

Yeah Dad....thanks for those genes!