Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reston Zoo

When I was little, my parents took me to the pet-pet Farm in Reston. This farm has grown a little bit and has some fun animals. Dad and I took Ben this morning to check it out.

This water is for the monkey when he gets hot....Ben thinks it's time to go for a swim.

Ben being the monkey.

It's a Mackenzie Monkey! We met a great family friend and her adorable daughter at the zoo. Mackenzie is 3 months older than Ben and showed him the ropes.

Bird crossing. These guys were NOT shy.

Well HI there kangaroo! I don't think I'd ever seen a kangaroo this close. I'd definitely never touched one. They were soft and furry.

Ben and Mackenzie loved feeding him. So cute, he looked so sleepy but was still very hungry.

Going for a spin...

Baby bunnies. Soooo adorable!

Getting a feel for having two kids. Ha!

The kids found a sand table in the middle of the zoo. We stayed until Ben started to eat the sand.

Thanks for meeting us, Mere. And thanks for taking us, Grandpa. :)

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